Investment Options
Development projects for 12 months
High yield rental investment properties for 5 to 7 years
Each investment carefully selected after meeting criteria on BMV, ROI and term
We find properties below market value
As a shareholder you get to vote on when to sell them
Typical rental return achieved is 8% - 10%
Typical return on development project 20% in 12 months
We add capital value to property via refurbishment

Investment Options

We create opportunity for you to invest in two types of real estate investments

  • Development projects
  • Residential and commercial rental properties

Each investment opportunity is carefully selected to meet our strict investment criteria based on BMV, ROI (both rental yield and capital growth) and the term that investment need to be locked in for.

Typically our developments projects are for 12 months while investment in rental properties are for 5 to 7 years.

We find properties at good price, refurbish, let and manage them. You receive a regular rental income whilst your investment is also growing in capital value. We typically buy investment properties with a view to hold them for around 5-7 years. This enables investors enjoy a good mix of rental income and capital growth.

As a shareholder you get to vote on when investment properties will be sold.