How To Invest

Step 1

You must register with us as an investor. It’s free and does not place any obligation on you. It’s simply a legal requirement

Step 2

You will start receiving advance notice of new investments and will be able to acquire the full legal investment packs in relation to each investment. These contain all relevant information about the company, the specific properties, the returns payable and the anticipated profit and other detail terms and condition.

Step 3

If you wish to proceed with any investment, you sign and return the share application form and transfer the appropriate payment directly to our solicitor’s client account. You never pay any money to us directly. Your money is held securely until purchase.

We will send you regular fortnightly updates and will inform you when the property has been purchased. You can view all relevant legal documents and keep track of your investments.

Step 4

After the Minimum Term has expired Berks Finance Asset Management team will conduct an annual valuation on the property and shareholders can vote once a year on whether to sell. Should you wish to sell your shares before we sell the property then you may do so at any time provided you can find a buyer.