How It Works
Separate SPV is created for each investment
Investor’s money always transferred to regulated solicitor in UK or USA
Solicitor completes the purchase of property with investor money
SPV owns the property
You own shareholding in SPV
You receive share certificate in that SPV
As a shareholder you have legal share in property that is owned by SPV
We publish detailed report on yield and capital growth forecast on every investment opportunity

How It Works

Investor’s money is always transferred to a client account with a regulated solicitor in UK or USA depending where the opportunity lies. Money is then transferred by the solicitor towards purchase of property. Your investment is secured in specially created SPV that owns the property.

Typically we hold rental properties for 5 – 7 years and development projects for 12 months. Every year we publish the market value of portfolio of properties that you have invested your money in. At the expiry of minimum term, you have the opportunity to vote on whether to sell or retain the property for another agreed term.

A separate SPV is created by regulated bodies in UK or USA for each investment. This is to protect investor’s interest.

You will receive a share certificate in that SPV and a copy of Articles and other legal information detailing your rights.

As a shareholder you have a legal share in the assets of that SPV in accordance with your shareholding.

We publish a detailed and comprehensive report on each investment opportunity. An important element of this report is always about estimated yields, capital growth forecast, and market report on subject area where property is located. This helps investors decide which best suits their criteria.