Investor Consortium
SPV created for each investment by leading UK law firm to protect investor interest
Every investor becomes a shareholder in SPV
Shareholding of each investor is registered in England & Wales
Investment is secured via SPV owning the site
Investment monies are sent to leading UK law firm and released in tranches against architect certificates
Once unit is completed and sold the law firm returns investors’ monies together with profit split as per investors’ shareholding.
Profits are split 80% to investors (on pro-rata basis) and 20% to the developer
New SPV created for each real estate project
Expected return to investors of 18% to 20% within 12 months.
Real estate projects currently in UK, USA and Dubai

Investors Consortium

Whether you are UK based or non UK resident, we always look at opportunities to create a consortium of investors interested in real estate projects in UK, USA and Dubai.

We have various real estate investment and development projects that often require quick access to funding. If you are a sophisticated investor who is aware of the opportunities and potential profits (and of course the potential downsides) of investments in real estate deals, you may wish to look at real estate investment opportunities available with us.

Please note that currently we only get involved in investment projects in UK, USA and Dubai. All investments are secured via creating legal structure and creating legal shareholding for each investor under UK Companies House Registration or as per USA Corporate Law Formation. Each investment is secured via first legal charge over subject property.

We create a new consortium for each real estate project. Besides no one investor is allowed to hold more than 50% share in a project. These steps are to protect the interest of each investor and to restrict potential risk of losses.

If you are interested than we can provide our complete guideline and terms and conditions for potential investors.

If you want to register your interest as an investor or arrange a meeting then please complete the registration form by clicking here.